The Life is in the Balance Drawings Have Been Completed

I am so pleased to see this series of drawings completed. That said, there is much more to come in the Life Is In the Balance project. Details will be provided when exhibition dates are firmed up.

Funded by the New York State Council on the Arts, Life Is In the Balance is a visual reflection of the connection of all life on Earth and the continual give and take as life self-regulates and perpetuates in balance.   I find this a wonderful miracle. The specific subjects were inspired by a park in New York City. My choice was Narrows Botanical Gardens in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

As a result of this series, I have a new awareness of the process of drawing as a conversation between the artist, the subject and the paper and tools used. These drawings were definitely a collaboration. Every step of the way created a new reality that was a factor moving forward. That certainly makes it more of a challenge and so much more satisfying than believing I know where I'm going when I start my journey.

It was such a pleasure to spend hours drawing this lovely trumpet honeysuckle for a number of reasons. I love the form and color of the flower (gee, how often do I say that??!) The orange/pink/coral has so much energy. The flower is delicate and complex. You know something is hiding inside that elongated shape. If you observe them very long you will see the pollinators going in after it!

Trumpet Honeysuckle and Chinese Redwood, 30"x30", mixed media on paper, 2023

The Chinese redwoods have been among my favorite trees since I first "discovered" them at Narrows Botanical Gardens. Especially after I learned that they are only 15 years old...I would have guessed 100. The fact that five of them were planted in a circle is the icing on the cake. I have spend lots of time just sitting on the ground inside that circle of trees and loving their form, color, texture and presence.

Their back story adds to their intrigue. The species is over one hundred million years old. They were thought to be extinct until specimen were found by Chinese scientists in the 1940's. When the magnitude of the discovery was realized, seeds were collected and distributed around the world to propagate. They are even planted as street trees in NYC.

The subjects of each one of these drawings has "spoken to me" on a visit to the garden for the specific purpose of deciding what would be the subjects of the next drawing. The constants have been the radial geometry and repetition. When I finished one I might have a particular idea about wanting a more complex pattern or more plants or fauna and the process continued.

Walk through the series here in the order they were created.


Mullein and Inula, 30"x30", mixed media on paper, 2023



Primrose and Oregon Grape, 30"x30", mixed media on paper, 2023


Waterlilies and Rushes, 30"x30", mixed media on paper, 2023


Monarchs and Milkweed, 30"x30", mixed media on paper, 2023


Apple Blossoms and Dandelions, 30"x30", mixed media on paper, 2023

The drawings are being printed on vinyl banners to be exhibited at Narrows Botanical Garden, date to be determined. I will give an artist's talk and a drawing lesson while they are on view. Stay tuned for dates and time.

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